Security Patches – The Top Security Threat That’s Being Ignored

June 12th, 2018
Security Patches – The Top Security Threat That’s Being Ignored


In this week's Technology Today, we chat through the ever-present fact, that companies are neglecting security patches and creating unnecessary vulnerabilities.

Here's The Deal

According to The Wall Street Journal, companies are not making substantial investments in tech, in recent years. Instead, they continue to use outdated appliances and applications. The worst part, companies are not taking this seriously, whatsoever. The truth is, it is extremely detrimental to the health and sustainability of said companies. If you are not properly patching with updates and monitoring, when an attack strikes, you will be infiltrated and 'taken out'.

How To Properly Patch?

Superior patching requires companies to go all in and truly invest in monitoring systems, new appliances, devices and computers. If these measures are not in place, you and your company can and will be susceptible to an outage. As you know, the mere cost is not the only 'scare factor' - the reality is, major companies, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Target, Lord & Taylor, Omni Hotels, Chipotle, Whole Foods, Neiman Marcus and Home Depot, have all bee victims. If major companies can be infiltrated, what do you think ransom and malware will do to you, as a small business owner? Don't think you'll skate by, because they won't have interest in your 'small' company. Cybercriminals want to target the small shops. Why? You don't use security patches, you rarely update to new software and/or devices, and 9 times out of 10, you do not have a competent IT personnel or department, in-house. All of that makes you the prime target; as they can easily infiltrate your network, retrieve and lock your data, as they hold you 'hostage'.

Connectivity Is Now An Issue

When you think of connectivity, it is normally attributed with positivity - well, when it comes to IT, you must make sure you're managing your IoT (Internet of Things), properly. In this day and age offices have everything and anything connected to the internet - such as a thermostat. This creates new points of vulnerability, as software is often neglected and upgrades dismissed on items of low priority - as pointed out by Richard Soley, chairman and chief executive of Object Management Group, which develops standards for securing IoT devices, was featured in The Wall Street Journal - 'businesses eventually will find ways to automatically update these devices when it is necessary. But factors such as limited storage capacity, cost and the sheer number of devices mean that manufacturers now approach security as an afterthought.'


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