Microsoft Virtual Desktop Runs Windows Ten In The Cloud

September 24th, 2018
Microsoft Virtual Desktop Runs Windows Ten In The Cloud


In today's Technology Today, we reveal Microsoft's NEW Virtual Desktop that allows you to run Windows 10 in the cloud.

What You Need To Know

Today, Microsoft announced the Windows Virtual Desktop, a NEW Azure service that will provide a fully virtualized multi-user experience for Windows 10. The new service, launching later this year, will premiere as a public preview. From what Microsoft is promising, it seems this solution will help IT professionals utilize their time for efficiently.

Microsoft assures, deploying and scaling Windows on Azure with Office won't take long, and desktops will feature all built-in security and compliance features users expect. They also noted that users of the new software will receive FREE Windows 7 Extended Security Updates. Like us, are you wondering why Windows 7 Extended Security Updates are thrown in and notWindows 10? Once we have more information, we will be sure to share.

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