User Passwords Are Reset After Adguard Experiences Account Breaches

September 21st, 2018
User Passwords Are Reset After Adguard Experiences Account Breaches


In today's Technology Today, we discuss the recent breach AdGaurd experienced and by what means they took action.

What You Need To Know

Yesterday, AdGuard detected 'continuous attempts' of logins from suspicious IP addresses - which belonged to servers around the world - in an undertaking from hackers to retrieve username/password combos, to then try and use on other sites, in what is known as a 'stuffing attack'. Luckily, the attempts were halted by a rate limiter. A rate limiter is a measure against brute-forcing users' passwords. However, according to Tech Crunch, hackers were indeed able to access several hundred accounts - those whose owners used the same username/password combo as they did on other compromised sites. This gave the hackers the tools that they needed to login to the account, as if they were the owner themselves.

In retaliation, AdGuard forcibly reset all of its users' passwords, to ensure the safety and security of the remaining accounts, in what CTO, Andrey Meshkov is calling a 'precautionary measure'. The company also made sure to note, that while some account were penetrated, there was not an overall breach of their systems.*

AdGuard is no small company, in fact, they are one of the top used ad-blocker's on the market, with about 5 million users, all over the globe.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about AdGuard's breach, and how hackers are using 'stuffing attacks' to get a hold of you precious data? Are you guilty of using the same username/password combo on multiple sites? If so, after reading this, are you likely to change them? Sound off below!

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