Google To Accept Cryptocurrency Advertising

October 10th, 2018
Google To Accept Cryptocurrency Advertising


In today's Technology Today, we chat through how Google will reinstate cryptocurrency-based advertising.

What You Need To Know

Google previously forbid cryptocurrency online advertising, earlier this year. They are now lifting that ban, starting in the United States and Japan, next month.

According to Tech Crunch, 'The original ban was announced in March, amid a wave of high-profile initial coin offerings (ICOs) and other crypto activity that made it difficult to distinguish between over-hyped or outright fraudulent ventures and legitimate ones. Google still plans to reject ads for ICOs, which are loosely regulated fundraising efforts, and ads for crypto wallets and trading advice, reports CNBC.'

There is no cut and dry reason as to why Google is lifting the ban, now. Our best guess would be Google believes inflation hype has died off, and anticipates it staying 'dead'.

We will be sure to update you as this story develops.

What Do You Think?

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