Yahoo’s $50 Million Settlement For Past Security Breach

October 24th, 2018
Yahoo’s $50 Million Settlement For Past Security Breach


Photo: USA Today

In today's Technology Today, we discuss what could be YAHOO's settlement for the biggest consumer internet hack to date.

What You Need To Know

Most remember YAHOO's data breach of 2013? It had gone on, under wraps for about three years, until 2016, when Verizonannounced it would acquire YAHOO for $4.8 Billion. When that news came out, the breach also became public knowledge.

When the news broke, YAHOO estimated around 500 million users were affected by the hack - however, it was later discovered that all of YAHOO's three billion users had been breached. In 2017, an additional 500 million users were attacked - having their emails and passwords infringed upon.

Two years later, in the wake of the attack - affecting 200 million users and 3 billion email accounts - YAHOO agreed on a payment of $50 million. In addition to this settlement, YAHOO's parent company, Verizon's Oath, will pay $35 million towards lawyer-related fees, as well as provide users that were breached in the US with AllClear credit monitoring services, for 2 years.

We will find out what if the deal goes through on November 29th when U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh of the Northern District of California passes judgement.

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