Tech To Catch And Flag Phishing Links In Emails

November 15th, 2018
Tech To Catch And Flag Phishing Links In Emails


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In today's Technology Today, we chat through how MetaCert's new software is catching phishing links in emails.

What You Need To Know

MetaCert, founded by Paul Walsh, has released it's NEWEST product launch Beta - the best anti-phishing security, for emails on you iPhone. It will display green or red shields to inform you whether or not the link is fake/harmful. Red is obviously fake/harmful, while green means that it is a valid link.

According to Walsh, “The system utilizes the MetaCert Protocol infrastructure/registry. It contains 10 billion classified URLs. This is at the core of almetl of MetaCert’s products and services. It’s a single API that’s used to protect over 1 million crypto people on Telegram via a security bot and it’s the same API that powers the integration that turned off phishing for the crypto world in 2017. Even when links are shortened? MetaCert unfurls them until it finds the real destination site, and then checks the Protocol to see if it’s verified, unknown or classified as phishing. It does all this in less that 300ms.”

Walsh is also working towards creating similar software to identify and mark fake news. Funding for this project is currently underway.

What Do You Think?

Are you excited for this NEW, helpful software? Do you feel that utilizing Beta will put your mind at ease to phishing? Sound off, below.

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