Enhanced Security Services

As you know, the security and safety - of your data, your emails and your devices - is one of our top concerns. Starting this month, Circulent is offering 8 new security services that cover everything from encrypting sensitive emails to protecting you from malicious websites.

The products are bundled into three packages - Platinum, Gold and Silver. A brief description of each choice is listed below the chart.

Enhanced Security for Non-clients

3rd Party Patching - You know those annoying pop-ups for Java or Adobe Acrobat? Do you know if they are even legitimate, or what changes will be made? With 3rd party patching we determine which updates you need and which ones you don't, and we'll run them at the perfect time of day so it doesn't slow you down.

Anti-Spam - This service isn't just about reducing the number of emails into your inbox. This is a spam folder on steroids. Suspicious emails take a detour and get quarantined before they even hit your inbox, so you can release only the ones you want.

Email Archiving - This is a simple way to make sure that you'll never lose an email again. This service allows you to easily access and find old emails, and acts as a backup for all your emails, in case any are accidentally deleted.

Mobile Security - Today there is so much confidential information on our phones. With this service, as soon as you discover your phone is missing, let us know and we can lock it down or wipe it completely to prevent the theft of any data.

E-mail Encryption - Sending sensitive data via email just got a whole lot easier. Whether you are emailing medical office patient records, social security numbers or credit card information, this service automatically encrypts your data so that only the person receiving it can view it.

Disk Encryption - What if one of your PCs or laptops were stolen? With disk encryption, even if the thief cracks the login/password, they can't get to the data without the encryption key. Situation saved.

2 Factor Authentication - You've seen this double password confirmation method at your bank. The first level is user name and password. The second level is typically a one-time use pincode that is texted or emailed to you to get through to the secure site. What if you could have that kind of authentication for your own company? This is it!

Security isn't something we take lightly, and you shouldn't either. Whether you choose just one option, or go for the platinum package and install them all, we promise that by implementing these measures you and your company will be better protected.

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