Are your office computers always infected with viruses, malware, and other malicious software?
Does your staff lose productivity because their infected computers constantly need cleansing?

Since the beginning of 2017, Circulent has witnessed a HUGE spike in viruses, malware, Trojan, and botnet infections attacking small businesses everywhere. The effects on business productivity due to unplanned downtime are so great that we decided to take a step back to figure out what is the best way to combat these issues. After much deep though, we’ve come up with a much improved layered approach to layered network security, one that can reduce malicious infections by up to 90%!

The common misperception that many companies have is that firewalls and antivirus software is all that’s needed to protect a network. WRONG! As 2017 has demonstrated, this is not enough protection. To really protect a network, five layers of protection are absolutely required:

  • Layer 1 - Predictive Security (This layer blocks known malware, botnets and phishing BEFORE it hits your network. It also monitors malicious outbound transmissions, and provides content filtering. This is your FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE.)
  • Layer 2 - Cloud E-Mail Security (Before e-mail enters your network, spam and malicious content is quarantined in the cloud. This doubles up as a backup mail server in case your primary ever suffers an outage.)
  • Layer 3 - Gateway Antivirus (This is appliance-based and scan all everything coming from the internet including e-mail and web site content)
  • Layer 4 - Firewall Appliance (Determines what comes in and what goes out. These would be your Black Widows.)
  • Layer 5 – Anti-Virus Protection (Blocks known spyware, viruses, and trojans on the PC level. This is your LAST LINE OF DEFENSE.)

So why so many layers of protection? First, no one single company is aware of every security threat. And by the time your network is penetrated, it’s too late. The damage is already spreading.

If you are interested about hearing more about layered network security, send us your information and perform a no-obligation assessment for your business.