About Circulent

Providing complete and affordable technology services since 2003

Dependable, Professional, Efficient, Effective

Circulent is a complete technology services provider with a focus on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Our speciality is small to medium-sized businesses that have around 10–1,000 employees. However, we are growing every year, and our technology professionals are always researching the latest developments and trends in the IT sector. One of our main goals is to constantly evolve alongside our clients so that both of us can grow and thrive.

Our team of dedicated technicians is completely committed to providing you with the most effective and reliable technology solutions available. Circulent will solve your technology nightmares once and for all, whatever it takes, so you can focus on advancing your business and not playing catch up. But this does not mean that we will force the most expensive solutions on you to make a quick buck. We know full well that businesses don’t have unlimited funds, and our experts will use their decades of experience to work within the boundaries of your budget to meet your goals.


Circulent’s Executive Leadership


Marcus Lee


Marcus founded Circulent in 2003 and is the current CEO. Prior to Circulent , Marcus served as Technology Architect at GenRe, VP of Technology at Portalvision, and Director of Application Development at iSolve. Marcus graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut. He’s the owner of four enormous St. Bernard dogs and enjoys playing golf.

Circulent’s Industry-Leading Product Providers