Cloud Services

Do more, faster

The cloud helps you Work Faster, and Circulent will take you there

Computers run, more or less, at the speed of light. So what does it matter if your computers and servers are next to you, in another room, or another state? It’s a bit like cooking: Why spend the time and extra money doing it yourself? You can just order takeout, but in this case, the takeout is made by a five-star chef with access to every possible ingredient, it delivers to anywhere there is internet, and it gets to you faster than you can blink. The cloud is housed across enormous data centers that employ absurdly powerful servers. Why not pay a low monthly fee for access to them instead of buying and maintaining your own?

Circulent will facilitate your transition to the cloud, so you can reap its benefits and lower your costs by getting rid of servers that are costly and time-consuming to maintain. The cloud is also infinitely more flexible, as you can alter and scale services at the drop of a hat as your business grows and changes. You’ll save money because you are only paying for what you use (not what you might use in the future) and there’s no capital investment required. Contact Circulent and we’ll work with you to figure out and implement the best possible cloud setup for your organization.


The many benefits of cloud services from Circulent include:

  • Security – cloud servers in fortified data centers are some of the most secure on the planet
  • Data Protection – our cloud services come with built-in, automated backups so your data will never be lost
  • Remote Working – access the cloud from anywhere there’s internet; anywhere can become an office
  • 24/7 Service and Support – if there’s ever a problem, any problem, at any time, call us and we’ll come running
  • Powerful Tools – the best productivity-enhancing programs (like Office 365) utilize the cloud; we’ll help you find the best ones for you and install them to your systems
  • Lowered Costs – ditch expensive and outdated servers, and eliminate the time and money costs of their maintenance