24/7 IT Support and Consulting/Auditing

Immediate support so your IT goes faster, experienced consulting so your IT goes further

We’re always there to help

A lot of IT support companies charge by the hour. This sounds OK at first; why pay them if they aren’t here fixing stuff? But think about that support company’s priorities: Do they fix your systems fast and prevent the problem from recurring? Or, do they take their time and ignore the root cause of the problem so they get more billable hours? The latter works best for them, but not you. At Circulent, we invest in our clients and provide unlimited, 24/7 IT support. This way, you know we are working our best to address issues fast and make sure they don’t happen again because we get paid the same whether we work one hour or a thousand.

But what about help with long-term projects or general optimization when there is no immediate problem? Circulent covers all that too. Our expert consulting services will ensure your next technology investment gets the maximum return, so leverage our decades of infrastructure knowledge and discover how your technology could be doing more for you. And, if you are concerned about how your current IT is performing, Circulent offers audits that assess the strength and efficiency of every aspect of your business systems. Our technicians will examine your network, servers (cloud and physical), workstations, laptops, security systems, voice communication systems, and more.

When you partner with Circulent, you get all the short- and long-term support you need, including:

  • Unlimited 24/7 IT support for any problem at any time
  • Expert consulting to develop and expand business systems
  • Comprehensive audits to get solid information on how your network, software, and hardware are performing
  • Thorough budget analyses to ensure your tech planning is cost-effective