Don’t leave your security to chance

Get professional security services, your business’s survival depends on it

It may sound like doomsaying, but the facts are there. Over half of all malware attack victims are small businesses, and 60 percent of small businesses that suffer a cyberattack go out of business within six months. Small businesses are targeted so much because cybercriminals know that companies with limited budgets skimp on security spending and are much easier prey. So, how can you protect your business from the latest threats? Can you get professional cybersecurity services without breaking your budget? Circulent is here to answer all of your security questions.

Our comprehensive cybersecurity services protect every part of your network with powerful anti-malware tools and advanced firewalls. We also audit and monitor your systems constantly, scanning for threats and vulnerabilities and neutralizing them before they become a problem. Circulent technicians also shore up the most vulnerable aspect of any network: humans. We’ll teach your employees to spot suspicious attachments and scams, and foster a company-wide culture of vigilance.


Circulent employs a multitude of countermeasures to protect your organization, including:

  • Dark Web Monitoring – get immediate notifications when our scanning tools detect that your private information is being sold on the Dark Web, a marketplace where cybercriminals buy and sell the data they have stolen
  • Third-Party Patching – let our experienced technicians handle the programs that need updating
  • Spam Filtering – advanced inbox monitoring that eliminates suspicious emails
  • Mobile Security – your mobile devices are vital, but vulnerable. We’ll secure them and put fail-safes in place in case they are lost or stolen
  • Encryption – protect your disk drives and outbound emails so only the right eyes see what’s in them
  • Multi-Factor Authentication – passwords alone won’t cut it, so we’ll add a second layer of safety for your login credentials
  • Much More!