About Security-as-a-Service (SaaS)

If you ask a 100 CEOs what their ‘top worry’ is, they’re likely to answer security.

They ask themselves –
“How do I protect my company against all the sh*t that’s out there?
How do I teach my employees to recognize a suspicious link?
What can I do about the attachment that looks legit, but will take down the network?
Can the employee I fired yesterday, do damage to our system?”

This is what keeps them up at night.

On the other hand, there are CEOs who aren’t freaking out. Why? They have multiple layers of security. Two-Factor Authentication Logins, Remote Locks, Wipes, Disk Encryption, and Email Quarantines! Wouldn’t you rather be secure?


3rd Party Patching

Do you know if those annoying Java and Adobe pop-ups are legitimate or what changes will be made? With 3rd party patching, we DETERMINE which updates you need and which you don’t. We’ll run them at the perfect time of day, so it doesn’t inhibit day-to-day work.



Removing spam isn’t just about reducing the number of emails in your inbox – it’s a spam folder on steroids! It detours and quarantines suspicious emails before they even enter your inbox. Allowing you the flexibility to release the ones that you want and ELIMINATE the ones you don’t


Email Archiving

A simple and easy way to make sure you NEVER lose an email. Archiving allows you to access and find old emails, while acting as a backup for your entire inbox, in case of accidental deletes.


Mobile Security

In this day and age, our phones are chock-full of confidential information. With this service, as soon as you discover your phone is missing, we can lock or completely wipe it – preventing data theft; ensuring privacy and protection.


Email Encryption

Sending sensitive data via email just got a whole lot SAFER. Whether you’re emailing medical records, social security numbers or credit card information, encryption automatically safeguards your data – only the person receiving your emails, can view them.


Disk Encryption

What would you do if your computer or laptop was stolen? Have peace of mind with disk encryption. Even if a thief gets past your login/password, they will be STOPPED by the encryption key.


2 Factor Authentication

We’ve all seen the ‘Double Password Confirmation’ Method at the bank – the 1st level is username/password, the 2nd level is a one-time pin code that’s texted or emailed; moving you to a secure site. Don’t you want the same level of security for your company?! Voila!

Do you want details on Circulent’s Security Package? Our technical specs will give you a breakdown on each of our services.